Frankfurt Motor Show LIVE: VW Golf Variant TDI Bluemotion image

After the Golf variant premiered during the Geneva Motor Show back in spring, the German company draws our attention to its very efficient TDI Bluemotion variant, which boasts a 3.3 l/100 km fuel consumption.

Being a full 105 kg lighter than its predecessor, the Variant model is now for the first time equipped with the impressive 81 kW/110 hp diesel engine, which mated to a six speed manual transmission makes the Bluemotion the most fuel efficient Golf Estate ever.

The boot volume has been expanded from 505 liters to 605 liters (loaded up to the back seat backrest). Loaded up to the front seat backrests and under the roof, the new Golf Estate offers a cargo volume of no less than 1,620 liters (predecessor: 1,495 liters).

At a length of 4,562 mm, the Golf Estate is 307 mm longer than the hatchback version. Due to numerous aerodynamic modifications, the Golf Variant TDI BlueMotion achieves an extremely low cd value: we have a lowered chassis (by 15 mm), a radiator grille that is closed to the outside, partially closed air inlet screens, optimised cooling airflow and special underfloor panels. In terms of technology, we have the features that are standard for all new Golf models, namely Stop/Start system and battery regeneration mode, inner-engine modifications, tyres with extremely low rolling resistance as well a wider spaced 6-speed gearbox resulted in the pioneering fuel-efficiency.