Frankfurt: Opel to unveil 2-seat EV concept image

Tiny electric cars of non-standard configuration appear to be all the rage at this year’s Frankfurt Auto Show.

Opel/Vauxhall is to show a concept with ‘production potential’ at this month’s Frankfurt IAA motor show, targeting younger urban drivers and those on a “very tight budget”. Opel said the concept, which is inspired by the Opel Ampera hybrid electric vehicle, is a battery-powered electric vehicle with a 60 mile range and a top speed of 75 miles an hour.

The Opel RAK e Concept is a laid out in a 1+1 tandem configuration (passenger directly behind driver), and claims to weigh around a third of a small modern car. A bit odd-looking? Certainly, but so was the Model T when it first premiered.

With dreams of revolutionizing urban transport, more will be revealed about this concept when the Frankfurt Motor Show opens.