Frankfurt: Seat IBL concept first images image

After the IBE and the IBX, the new IBL concept car delivers a further, enticing, perspective on the continued development of SEAT design.

This is the Seat IBL concept car, and this is how the next generation of Seats Toledo (most probably) will look. This four-door sedan introduces a new design language for the brand with much sleeker lines and sharp edges in place of all the curves the current lineup all have in their bodies.

At 4.67 meters long and 1.85 meters wide, the SEAT IBL falls into the full-size saloon category. Its long wheelbase of 2.71 metres gives it short overhangs front and rear, and enables powerful proportions – the essential basis of every good design.
This is bang on Mondeo territory – stretching out to 4670mm long and 1850mm wide – giving a hint at what the next Exeo could look like (assuming they have the budget to design their own, rather than borrow a last-gen Audi blueprint).

The concept features full LED headlamps, 20 inches alloy wheels, small fold-out door handles, and course rear LED lights. The overall shape is clean and minimalist, with short overhangs giving a coupé-like stance which is emphasised by the sloping roof and dramatic door creases.

Inside the cockpit is clearly oriented towards the driver. A one-piece, curved glass surface covers the complete instrument panel all the way to the secondary display in the centre of the cockpit. The main display behind the steering wheel is fully digital and can be programmed to suit the driver’s preferences.
Information can be presented either in the form of classic analogue dials or as a digital readout.

The concept most likely previews a new sedan for Seat, though at this point we do not know if it depicts a replacement for the Toledo, the Exeo or a different model altogether.