Even if its rivals didn’t come with anything unannounced previously, Volkswagen made a surprise move and presented a new Buggy Up! concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show, inspired by the Meyers Manx, a retro roadster with a doorless design and two seats.

“A buggy is more than just a car; it is an automotive lifestyle feeling. It was born in California in the 1060s and was based on the Beetle, which provided the engine and the chassis. The rest was created by buggy pioneers such as American Bruce Meyers: out of GRP, or glass-reinforced plastics”, as an official Volkswagen statement reads.

According to the automaker, the Buggy Up! concept is a proper beach vehicle, its interior being completely waterproof, and at 3.584 mm long, 1.672 mm wide and 1.288 mm tall if it enters production, which doesn’t seem possible right now, it will definitely be a success, if Volkswagen keeps its price affordable.

Volkswagen says that its Buggy Up! Concept is offering the driving sensation of a Go-kart with some interesting gadgets, like a removable iPod / iPhone speaker dock for easy portability.

“To ensure that everything makes ergonomic sense for the driver, engineers reduced the basic angle of the height-adjustable steering wheel by 4 degrees to an angle of 21 degrees. The result is a go-kart feeling. A sturdy handle is installed on the dash panel for the front passenger – just as it once was in the Beetle – because one never knows what lies over the next dune”, as it is written in the same VW official statement.

Even if Volkswagen didn’t announce any details about its powertrain, fuel consumption (if there is any) or CO2 emissions, this is definitely one of the most interesting appearances at the German event. We only hope that by a miracle it reaches the production line.


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