Free brake pads for life from Ford image

Ford has recently announced that it will offer free brake pads for life to every person who does not abuse brakes. The “Lifetime Brake Pad Guarantee” is available for owners of any Ford, Lincoln or Mercury car. It is a premiere in the field of no-cost scheduled maintenance programs and it is quite convenient for drivers.

However, Ford says that taxi, limousine, postal, police, towing and emergency vehicle owners are not eligible for a new set of Motorcraft pads for free after the one you have wears down to three millimeters, as long as you are the owner of that specific Ford product. You might not be getting free brake pads though if Ford find out you use your Taurus to moonlight as an Uber driver (Uber is an app which allows you to summon a driver basically at will and be taken anywhere you want to go at rates way cheaper than your local car/taxi service.)

Customers still have to pay for labor and installation, which will from then on keep them tied to a certain Ford service department. It is a nicer gesture though than getting a free car wash or a paper floor mat left by the technician, especially if you are a private owner who always has problems with the brakes on your Focus ST.

By Gabriela Florea