Freight Train Hits Parade Float in Texas, 4 Dead image

Yesterday afternoon, November 15th, a freight train crashed into a parade float in Texas, killing four people and injuring other 16.

Federal officials are currently investigating how a freight train crashed into the parade float which was carrying wounded veterans. At around 4:40 pm the decorated flatbed trucks were crossing the rail on their way to an honorary banquet when the train was quickly approaching sounding its horn. Wounded veterans and their spouses tried to jump off before the collision.

Investigators said that the crossing gate and lights were working and that they still don’t know if the train crew saw the float crossing the rail. Two people died at the accident scene, while the other two died at Midland Memorial Hospital. According to the police the first truck managed to safely cross the rail but the second truck got hit as it couldn’t go anywhere as the other truck was in front of it.

“It was a horrible accident to watch happen right in front of me. I just saw the people on the semi-truck’s trailer panic, and many started to jump off the trailer. But it was too late for many of them because the train impacted the trailer so fast,” said Union Pacific spokesman Tom Lange.