Bollore Group, the holding company led by French billionaire Vincent Bollore is planning to implement the biggest car-sharing program for electric vehicles in the US.

The company is acting fast to try and tap into unexplored demand for such program sin the US, while also aiming to promote in one of the world’s largest consumer markets the services and advances in battery technology made by the French multinational.

“We thought it would be good to start with a medium-size” U.S. city, said Bollore. “We want to show the electric car is the best solution for the future. Until now the electric car was only for rich people,” Bollore adds. “We have a unique solution.”

The Group is making an initial investment of $35 million to create the BlueIndy service in Indianapolis, with the program set to start in approximately eight months. The service would use around 500 of Bollore’s homemade Bluecars, adding also 1,000 charging stations. The Bollore Group developed in house the lithium metal polymer batteries for its electric cars and the company also runs the Autolib car-share program in Paris. The small cars, which can travel around 150 miles (250 kilometers) for a charge, can be rented in the US for as little as $10 an hour and the company is targeting a 20,000 annual subscribers basis to break even.

Via Bloomberg


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