According to the committee of French automakers CCFA, the car sales in France went up 2.3% in April to 170,768 registrations. The number one seller spot was taken by Renault, witch managed to surpass Peugeot.


The recent numbers are in accordance with the rising trend so far in terms of car sales, as this year has seen the best sales in the almost past ten years. This led to the CCFA industry association to change its annual forecast from 0 to a 2% increase in 2015.


The April sales for the Renault Group grew 2.6% to 54,146 cars being sold, and PSA Peugeot Citroen registers a 0.2% growth to 61.027 registrations.


It is not entirely a surprise for the French auto market, as the beginning of the year was met with a 6% growth, after a three month decline. Back then, Renault registrations fell 3%, while PSA saw an increase of 3%.


The European recovery has continued for the past months as the improving economy led to an increase in demands for vehicles produced by automakers like Volkswagen Group, Renault Group and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. In March, the monthly registration went up 11% compared to those in 2014, making March the biggest gainer in at least a year.


The research company LMC Automotive from Oxford, England, raised its forecast for the western European sales to 12.84 million cars, which would stand for the biggest number since 2010. Even with the funding struggles from Greece, the sales collapse in Russia and the euro value falling, the growth in car demand shines a light on the future outlook for the European auto market.


By Gabriela Florea


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