French consortium outs new mass-market electric charging stations image

A group of French companies headed by construction concern Bouygues has announced it has developed a new charging system for electric cars that can level the power usage when numerous vehicles come in for a simultaneous recharge.

The system developed by the consortium caters for a phenomenon that would occur in the following scenario: while a typical public charging station has just a few sockets, an office building that would seek to cater for at least a dozen electric cars would be in trouble soon. All employees usually come the same time at work and naturally they would plug-in their cars immediately, causing a massive power strain on the building’s electric network.

This is where the Eco2charge group’s charging system comes in place, as it uses older batteries taken from electric cars to act as power storage units, filling them up at night and then charging the vehicles during the day. The consortium includes besides construction firm Bouygues the French automaker Renault, electrical engineering group Alstom and cable maker Nexans.

With a 13 million euro ($16.8 million) budget, the service has already been put to trial in two Bouygues and Renault pilot locations and the group’s aim is to get a commercial offer ready within a year. It could cater the needs of office buildings, parking lots, campuses and other sites where electric car fleets are usual.

Via Reuters