French investigators also found emissions irregularities image

Following an injury over the diesels’ emissions levels, the French authorities found some data anomalies, as tests revealed big gaps between laboratory tests and real-world ones.

The French regulators started last year to perform emissions tests on about 100 diesel cars sold in the country, evidently following Volkswagen’s disclosure of cheating on around 11 million diesels. Even if in France the officials have not yet found any similar device, their tests have however showed big NOx differences in levels between laboratory data and on-road results. “Tests conducted in France on 52 vehicles from 15 different brands showed no cheating device. However, the tests highlighted significantly higher emissions – in CO2 and NOx – in real traffic conditions,” French Environment minister Segolene Royal recently confirmed. Royal said the vehicles were made by Renault, Fiat Chrysler, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, PSA Group, Nissan, Opel and Ford. In January, anti-fraud investigators checked several Renault sites, for the inquiry to also lead to a raid at PSA Peugeot-Citroen facilities in April.

Meanwhile, in Germany, some of the biggest local automakers have recently agreed to voluntary recall 630,000 over-polluting diesels to fix their emissions software. The move was pushed by a similar probe made by the Federal Motor Transport Authority, which brought to light the fact that companies are using devices that are activating the pollution filtering systems only within certain working temperatures, thus leading to higher emissions in real-world driving conditions.

Via Reuters