French sports car Alpine A120 teased in…Paris image

The City of Lights is a wondrous place to be – any tourist or artist or inhabitant can confirm that. Which is why some automakers eagerly jump at the occasion of presenting their cars via this scenic background.

Alpine is dragging its feet – they have been given this rebirth for so many years we lost count – so here’s another covered preview of the A120 prototypes before the official unveiling of the series production model happens… hopefully soon. The Renault brand has taken its camouflaged prototypes on a romantic stroll at night through Paris (probably the only time when the city isn’t congested). The company says this is the “last trip” for the test cars before the curtain falls to reveal the actual car. These new real-life photos, delivered as appetizers, reveal the A120 is very close to the previewing prototypes of before. In addition, this is not just for show, it’s also for the go – as the unique aluminum platform uses specific elements – such as an entirely flat floor for lower drag coefficient, while the diffuser in the rear bumper will be in charge of better airflow.

French sports car Alpine A120 teased in…Paris 16

The great aero elements will work in conjunction with the lightweight assembly, thanks to interesting weight saving elements – such as the sports seats that are 50 percent lighter than those used by segment competitors. We’re seeing the Alpine as a direct rival for the Porsche Cayman and it’s interesting to see what engine will be powering the car – as the A120 has been officially revealed to be able to hit 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in 4.5 seconds.

PS. There are a few shots depicting the prototypes standing still and behind them is a large ad for the “Alpine is back” campaign – and there you can see the series production model from the side in all its glory with no camouflage at all…