Frizzi Arnold is 2012 Miss Tuning image

The 2012 Miss Tuning beauty pageant has been recently won by 22-year-old Frizzi Arnold, from Chemnitz.

The jury had to vote one of the 12 girls who made it into the final and Frizzi Arnold is the new 2012 Miss Tuning, after she went up the stage in a chic evening wear, in a denim skirt and in bikini.

“I am happy and totally surprised. So I did not expect this”, said Frizzi Arnold. “I look forward to my tenure as Miss Tuning and I am very excited about what I expect in the coming months”, added the 22-year-old from Chemnitz.

Frizzi Arnold is apparently working as an occupational therapist in palliative care (whatever that is) and she has a domesticated pig named Rind, as a Pet. But really, who cares that she has a pig when she looks like that? Honestly, I preferred Mandy Lange better but, that’s just my choice. The second place of this year’s Miss Tuning was won by Alena Lackman, who received a couple of weeks in Ibiza and pocket money, and the third place went to Phaedra Mueller Heyweiler, from Muncich, who won 500 euros. The previous edition of Miss Tuning was won by Mandy Lange and you can read more about this by clicking this link.