According to The Diesel Driver, fuel prices in the US were last time as low as they are now seven year ago, thus encouraging the customers to keep buying cars.

Apart from the stable economic situation of the country, the upward trend of the US auto industry is also due to the current low level of fuel prices. The average price of gasoline and diesel fuel has been in a continuous decrease throughout the year and the analysts are predicting the drop tendency to be maintained until to the end of this month. The last time when the fuel prices in the US have been this low as they are at this moment was in 2008, according to the Diesel Driver. At the beginning of this week, the average price for a gallon of diesel was 2.482 dollars, 1.184 dollars less than what divers were paying a year ago. But even if the diesel is so affordable, the US customers are still in love with their petrol engines and is quite understandable the reason behind this impulse. The average price of a gallon of gasoline in the United States was 2.059 dollars, 0.719 dollars lower than the same period last year. Gas prices during the Thanksgiving holiday this year were the lowest on average since 2008.

Among the states with the cheapest fuel prices are Michigan that hit a six-year low as 1.81 dollars per gallon, according to AAA Michigan, while the price per gallon in Saginaw was 1.71 dollars – the lowest gasoline prices you can find in the country. Other states in which you can fill your tank and please your wallet are Oklahoma and Missouri at 1.80 dollars per gallon, South Carolina at 1.81 dollars, and Ohio at 1.82 dollars according to By contrast, states with the highest cost are Alaska at 2.33 dollars, Washington at 2.45 dollars, Nevada at 2.53 dollars, California at 2.69 dollars and Hawaii at 2.81 dollars.

Via The Diesel Driver


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