Full-Size Pickup Segment to Increase This Year image

Analysts and automakers believe that this year will bring a revival in the full-size pickup segment.

This year, truck makers will gain ground at the North American International Auto Show, unveiling an increased number of full-size trucks compared with other years. No doubt the 2013 Ram 1500 will be in the spotlight and analysts and journalists speculate that Ford will try to be in the spotlight with a sneak peak of the next-generation F 150, known as the best-selling truck in the US for more than three decades. The new Silverado and Sierra will also be there, two models for which GM offered increased incentives in December to clear inventory and make room for the upcoming models.

The peak of the full-size pickup segment was reached in 2005 with 2.46 million vehicles sold, 14.5% of the total new vehicle market in the US, a percentage which dropped to 11.3% by 2012. The lowest sales were reported in 2009 with 1.12 million sales, but last year the market showed some signs of revival with 1.64 million units sold.

“There are finally some signs of life,” says Joe Phillippi, automotive analyst with New Jersey-based AutoTrends Consulting.

Analysts predict that this year’s full-size pickup sales will increase especially on the East Coast, where people have to replace the vehicles damaged by Hurricane Sandy. The full-size segment’s share is expected to rise more than 13% in 2014/2015.