Future Avenger to be made on Dodge Dart platform image

Chrysler Group LLC has recently announced that the future generation of the Avenger might be made on the Dodge Dart platform.

The unpleasant experience with the current Avenger won’t be repeated and Chrysler has announced that it will use the Dodge Dart platform for the future generation, in order to cut production costs and get a more competitive model. Marchionne’s solution is to use other elements from the Dodge Dart on the next generation of the Avenger, along with the platform, which will cut down some design and production costs of the model, and hopefully make it more appealing than its predecessor.

After the Chrysler Group has been taken over by Fiat, the Italian automaker keeps imposing its changes and what will come up can’t be that bad, with a possible refresh of all the American models in the lineup. The platform used on the future Dodge Dart will also be used on developing new generations of the Jeep Compass and Jeep Liberty, being able to sustain off-road orientated models. Marchionne himself said that Jeep won’t abandon its values and the brand will still develop models for off-roading. There is no official word on when the new generation of the Avenger will be launched, but that might happen this year or in 2013.