Future BMW X1 gets rendered image

A new rendering with the future generation of the BMW X1 has recently hit the web and it might provide us with a first look into what the crossover may end up looking like.

With the German based automaker already bringing a new generation of the X5, and with the 2015 X3 being officially unveiled just a couple of weeks ago, time has come to talk about the company’s smallest crossover, the X1. The model was originally introduced back in 2009 and now, five years after it first rolled off the assembly line, is getting ready to receive a new version too.

The trick is that no one outside BMW currently knows what this model looks like but that’s why we have rendering artists with a good imagination. The photo posted above represents a rendering and, as you probably already figured it out, the X1 in question has been based on the new X3 and X5, so don’t act too surprised if the final product ends up looking very similar to this one.

The outgoing version of the BMW X1 is based on the previous generation of the 3-Series, the E90, and this new vehicle will be using the F30’s rear-wheel drive platform or even the 2014 MINI’s UKL front-wheel drive platform. This has given birth to the 2-Series Active Tourer. We’re not sure when the new generation of the BMW X1 will be unveiled but chances are it will happen in late 2014 or even in 2015.

Image Source: worldscoop.forumpro.fr