The North American based automotive giant General Motors is planning a future generation of its zero-emission vehicle Chevrolet Volt, which will be cheaper and more efficient than the current one.

After failing with its current Chevy Volt generation and losing some customers on the way after the sudden fire problems which are investigated by the NHTSA, General Motors is planning to introduce a new generation of its zero-emissions vehicle which, theoretically, should be more efficient and cheaper than the one found on the market today. According to General Motors, the upcoming Chevrolet Volt will be 25 percent cheaper and the model’s lithium-ion battery pack will double its life.

Besides announcing a new generation of the Chevrolet Volt, which we have no doubt that it will be a success, the Americans are also planning to introduce a new engine to its model, and even if we don’t have any official details on it, the 1.4 liter unit will be replaced by a new version of the Ecotec powerplant, and the engine is expected to come in a three-cylinder shape, which will also help reduce the curb weight of the vehicle. The new generation of the Chevrolet Volt is currently being developed and it’s scheduled to be launched in 2016.


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