Future Ford Focus RS will be hybrid image

Next generation version of the most powerful Ford Focus will have a hybrid powertrain. Maximum power will remain at 305 hp.

Ford wants the next generation Ford Focus RS to join the zodiac of ecology, and to do so, the company is developing a performance model that consumes only 6 liters/100 km. How this target will be achieved: by the implementation of a hybrid powertrain.

According to information’s published in the European press, Future Focus could use both Ecoboost traditional gasoline engine, and an electric motor. Maximum power of the two engines will remain at 305 hp. The RS Hybrid will get from 0 to 100 km / h in 5 seconds. Top speed will be limited most probably to 250 km / h.

Also, some rumors are saying that the next Focus RS Hybrid may be available to US as well.
But official confirmation would come only in 2013.

Source:  Caradisiac