Future Golf R to be a diesel AWD image

The German based automaker Volkswagen says that the future of the R division will be based on high performance diesel engines fitted with the AWD technology, and the upcoming Golf 7 R might be coming with a diesel engine.

According to the car manufacturer, the future of the R division includes high performance diesel powerplants and all-wheel drive technology, as Volkswagen said at the 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show.

The German based automaker’s officials also said that thanks to the performance of the new diesel engines, the engineers will have to implement them to the upcoming R generations.

Besides the future Golf 7 R, which will also wear the 4Motion badge, the automaker is planning to release other R versions of its models, like the Passat R or the Beetle R, whose concept was seen at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

As a reminder, the current VW Golf R is powered by a 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, not the famous 3.2 liter VR6 like the older Golf R32, which is developing a total output of 256 horsepower and has a peak torque of 243 lb-ft, an increase of 6 HP compared to the 2008 R32 and its VR6 placed under the hood.

The new Golf R can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in less than six seconds and its top speed has been electronically limited to 130 mph or 209 km/h.