G-Power Hurricane RS Touring image

BMW tuning company G-Power unveiled the world’s fastest estate car. With a top speed of 360 km/h (limited), it beats the existing record of 344.2 km/h (MTM RS6 R) from 2009 by 15.8 km/h, and the record of 320 km/h (Brabus T V12) from 1997 by a whopping 40 km/h.


The key to its awesome speed is a deeply modified version of the 5.0l BMW V10 that benefits from a two ASA T1-316 superchargers, charging one cylinder bank each. A twin-scroll, water-cooled intercooler has been added to aid airflow. The box itself has been cast from aluminium and replaces the series-production airbox giving increased responsiveness combined with a considerable benefit in torque.


Optimized mapping for the engine electronics also contributes to the peak power output of 750 hp/551 kW between 7,500 and 8,000 r/min. The maximum torque of 750 Nm is reached at 5,000 revs.

0-100km/h times are less than 4.5 seconds; 9.7 seconds to 200km/h and 26 seconds to the 300km/h mark are impressive too.




A further factor contributing to the high-speed capabilities of the HURRICANE RS Touring is the G-POWER brake system front and rear. With a disc diameter of 396 mm on the front and 380 mm on the rear, combined with 6 and 4-pot callipers respectively, deceleration forces upwards of 1g are perfectly conceivable.





The interior of the M5 Touring, upholstered by G-POWER in premium leather and Alcantara offers impressive confirmation of what is possible above and beyond “BMW Individual” equipment.