Gaddafi escaped in an armored Mercedes ML provided by Sarkozy image

The Libyan conflict is not over but it still catches the head news every evening, attracting our interest in the subject too because of his escape vehicle in this case: an armored Mercedes-Benz 4×4 ML provided by French president Nicolas Sarkozy back in 2008.

After the Libyan rebels captured his Colonel Gaddafi is making news in the automotive media once again after he has escaped in an armored ML, estimated at over 4 million euros.

“In 2007 the sale was approved by the then Interior Minister, Nicolas Sarkozy, and his chief of staff Claude Gueant. The vehicle was eventually delivered in 2008 – this time with the green light from the President” as Mediapart says.

Gaddafi’s unique escape vehicle comes with an electronic device capable of knocking out all radio frequencies in a 300ft range and a protection cage made by Faraday, preventing all electronic fields from affecting the vehicle, along with many other “toys”.

“Gaddafi has almost certainly used the vehicle to get away. It is a product of superb French engineering and obvious means of escape. Gaddafi would be able to stay out of sight of military targeters and be be extremely well protected if he met enemy forces on the ground”, said a French military source, according to the Tribune.

Rumors are that the armored ML is part of a 25 million pound deal where the French provided Libya with the means to conduct e-mail surveillance on their own people.

No other details of the Colonel Gaddafi’s armored Mercedes-Benz ML are known but we still wonder if it has a lion in the trunk guarding the gold bars.