Gadgets: Lamborghini External HDD. Sexy but Overpriced image

Asus has introduced a new range of hard disk drive (HDD) products branded along the sleek and slender lines of the carmaker Lamborghini.

The drives are available in either black or white and 500GB and 750GB capacities.

The Windows compatible Lamborghini External HDD comes in either a USB 2.0, 500GB or 750GB version, with the 2.5-inch HDD platters spinning at 5400RPM or a 750GB USB 3.0 flavor which spins at 7200RPM.


Asus are also bundling a software backup solution called FlexSave which it said “offers a user-friendly interface for easy backups and file management.”

The 500 GB cost $120 and 700 GB cost $140.