Garage Italia Customs has some denim love for the Mazda MX-5 image

While Lapo Elkann’s Garage Italia Customs is best known for the Fiat the company has went out of its way to dress up a Mazda MX-5 in denim.

Or hasn’t it? After all, the Fiat connection is still very much alive when discussing the Mazda MX-5 Miata, since the model serves as the foundation for the Fiat and Abarth 124 Spider. The Italian tuning specialist has decided for a summer sunset look on the outside, combined with a denim finish on the inside. Sounds pretty wild, right? Well, Garage Italia Customs has a thing for wild experiments – just remember the i8 dressed in a fancy livery inspired by a famous painting. So, the latest-generation MX-5 was taken as the model for yet another wacky inspiration source – the glamorous motion picture. To be more precise, the model honors Bruce Brown’s 1966 “Endless Summer” movie.

Garage Italia Customs has some denim love for the Mazda MX-5 18

And it appears the project is officially sanctioned by Mazda, who ordered the customization. The exterior of the iconic Miata has been painted in a livery that depicts the “long summer sunsets”. As such, a bright orange hue fades in indigo above the waistline – and the exterior was complimented with a Mazda accessories 17-inch diamond-cut alloy wheel set. The dual-tone appearance progresses inside where there’s a main denim finish with orange accents. The seats have a washable denim upholstery combined with Alcantara finished in a nautical blue tone – also appearing on the door handles. The one-off project has been titled “Levanto” – which is a reference to the municipality in the La Spezia province in Italy known for its crystal clear water, also the cradle of Italian surfing.