Scheduled to be officially revealed in front of the public during the “Piston Head II: Artists Engage The Automobile” exhibition in Los Angeles, the tuned 4C features air-brushed Japanese art.

Here’s another unique and interesting one-off from Garage Italia customs. We used to call them Fiat 500 tuning specialists, but lately Garage Italia Customs has branched out towards other brands as well. Now during the “Piston Head II: Artists Engage The Automobile” exhibition in Los Angeles later this month, they will debut this unique Alfa Romeo 4C that is actually an homage to both Italian and Japanese cultures. The mashup has taken inspiration from the best-known Japanese work in the world – The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai – a recreation of the work of art has been air-brushed by hand on the car’s bodywork: it “immediately recalls the greatness and strength of nature, contrasting the frailty of mankind which is represented by the fishing boats” – said the aftermarket specialist.

Garage Italia Customs presents the Alfa Romeo 4C Hokusai 4

The other highlights include an interior with Kurabo denim upholstery and cream Foglizzo leather inserts. The driver will also be met by white contrast stitching and white accents on the dashboard and air vents. “I am happy that Garage Italia Customs and its creations have a role in Venus’ exhibition alongside world-class artists. Adam Lindemann and I share a passion for the incredible artistry, beauty and power of the automobile,” commented Garage Italia Customs founder Lapo Elkann.


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