Garage Italia Customs selling some of Elkann’s polarizing models image

Lapo Elkann is grandson of Gianni Agnelli, the former controlling CEO and controlling shareholder of Fiat Automobiles, but he is also renowned for his stylish but truly polarizing designs at Garage Italia Customs.

We can comment all day long his creations – which range from a Fiat 500 for Pepsi to Star Wars themed little Italian bombs to the dual-tone denim-upholstered Mazda MX-5 Levanto. The latter is a blending of automotive design and high fashion, a car that could tread the catwalk alongside models at the Paris Fashion Week. It’s haute couture for sure – but exactly like the clothing counterparts, who in real life would “wear” it? There could be some Fashionista fans though, because Elkann’s unique aesthetic designs – or some of them – are now up for sale.


He has already sold the black and white Abarth 500 “Pied-de-Poule” – French for “houndstooth” – which has been acquired by Swiss collector car dealer Jalopy Ltd. Then there’s the Ferrari California Jeans, which has stonewashed blue denim inserts on the seats, door panels, lower dashboard, and even the floors – while the exterior is also blue down to the rims. Then there’s also the Abarth 500 Blue Gradient – which is, well, bluer than the sea on a very sunny day. Let’s not forget the Maserati Ghibli Pinstripe – which has a pinstriped suit for the interior, down to the ceiling.