Infotainment systems have ditched the usual automotive approach – with updates every few years and maybe when a new generation arrives – and instead try to catch up with the world of mobile devices.

This means they’ve become amongst the quickest to upgrade technologies bundled in any car – sometimes coming witch updates while everything else around it stays the same. This is because automakers and their suppliers are keen to deliver improvements even when there’s no refresh of the model. Garmin is looking to become an even bigger player in the segment, with the company using the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas as the perfect venue to display its next generation automotive OEM – original equipment manufacturer – infotainment system, using as the base a Volvo. No wonder they chose them, the Swedes being among the faster automakers in the segment – they are even exploring the possibility to fit Android to their infotainment systems.

Back to Garmin, their new infotainment system has a mixed classic/modern control system, with a rotary dial and the display’s touchscreen – but there’s also wireless rear seat navigation so that anyone in the back can fiddle with the navigation system using a smart device. Garmin’s tech also incorporates voice commands thanks to a connection with Amazon Alexa. The speech recognition tech is already fitted to the infotainment unit, and another of its highlights is the ability to modify the navi route depending on the weather – via AccuWeather Go.


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