Garmin has updated its Navigon software for iOS and Android adding the Glympse and Foursquare support.

The news comes shortly after rumors that Apple plans to collaborate with Foursquare. Garmin’s Navigon app is a popular navigation software for smartphones, similar to the car GPS units, but having all map data pre-downloaded so the users won’t have to plan their journey beforehand. By adding the Foursquare support users can from now on discover new places to visit and check out popular local venues. There is also the possibility of checking in at the visited locations.

The Glympse software allows customers to share their location with someone in their contact list, advertising where they are going. Recipients will receive and SMS or email with the link to the map showing detail about the users’ location, speed, destination and even predicted arrival time. Thi is perfect for arranging meetings for example.

As the social media expands quickly, Garmin’s move “was a logical next step to offer drivers a safe and intuitive way to stay connected. All users have to do is send out a quick note with a link to a tracking map before they leave, and the recipient will be able to follow their location,” said Garmin spokesperson Johan-Till Broer.


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