Geely Holding Group has donated 22 million yuan for Yushu County recently, where a devastating earthquake took place in northwest China’s Qinghai Province with death toll surpassing 2,000 on Monday.
On April 19, staff in the headquarters of Geely in Hangzhou, including Geely Chairman Li Shufu and CEO Yang Jian, sent their best wishes to the earthquake victims. A young staff member working at Geely said he cared about the earthquake area and prayed for Yushu victims every day.

Geely hopes the donation sent to Yushu via the China Charity Federation could help the people living in Yushu. The company said it will pay close attention to the reconstruction of the earthquake area.

Geely’s Vice-CEOs Yin Daqing, Zhao Fuquan, Chen Wenming, Yu Xueliang, Zhang Aiqun, Liu Xiangyang, Wei Mei also went to donate yesterday, as well as Mingtai Group CEO and Beijing Geely University’s executive president Wang Xinggui and Hainan University Sanya college’s Dean Lu Dan.

Source: GlobalTimes

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