It’s unclear yet if the future holds in store flying Volvo cars, but we do feel safer knowing the Swedish company might be involved in the future of the yet to arrive flying car segment.

For years enthusiasts and specialists have been trying to unify the aircraft and automotive industry – with little success. But right now we’re seeing a major ramp up in the yet unberthed flying car sector – with major implication from powerful companies such as Airbus or Uber. Now there’s also Chinese ambition in the middle – following Geely’s acquisition of flying car startup Terrafugia. The Chinese group does have an incredible range to show for – among Volvo, Lynk&Co, Proton, Lotus and now Terrafugia – we’re not even mentioning its own brand because that’s not going to be anything but a local player.

Terrafugia, the recently acquired flying-car startup is quite advanced in the process – because they already have a bona-fide prototype design called the Transition which is being tested in flight already. The project is actually more of a plane with folding wings, four wheels, and two seats. There’s another project – less advanced – coming from the same MIT graduates brainpower behind the company. The TF-X has the same folding wings, but also engine nacelles that can rotate for vertical take-off and landing capabilities. The plan is to have a practical car-plane solution in the next decade or so – and with Geely’s funding there’s a chance this actually happens.




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