The Chinese automaker has recently introduced an all-new brand called Lynk and Co, tasked to spearhead the company’s efforts into mobility and in-car technology.

There are numerous new-age automotive brands on the market now – spearheaded by Tesla, but we can also count on names such as Faraday Future or Detroit Electric – so it’s only normal other big automakers are looking to secure a piece of the pie. Geely – famous for owning Volvo – is looking to join the party with the October 20 introduction of an all-new brand focusing on mobility. It has been named Lynk and Co. and there are some mysterious teasers on the official website, but without much factual information to show what the brand is all about.

There are reports from the rumor mill though, so we can have a good idea of what to expect. The new company will focus on things like mobility, reduced emissions (or none), the newest in-car technologies in both safety and accessibility, and there could be more in store. The brand was officially announced n Berlin, Germany, by current vice president of sales and marketing at Geely, Alain Visser and seems ready for great synergies with Volvo as the two share a home in Gothenburg.

Via OmniAuto


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