The German aftermarket specialists at Gemballa have revealed a real diamond finish for cars which can be applied for both the exterior and the interior designs.

According to the German tuner, this is the first paint which actually uses diamond pieces, rather than metal, glass or crystal pigments. Gemballa says that the new diamond finish is very bright and this is highlighted by sun light. The new diamond paint can be used for both the exterior design as well as for panels in the cabin and it’s aimed towards ladies and gentlemen who want a certain degree of sophistication on their vehicles. The diamond finish can be described as a million-dollar sparkle and the only question remaining is when will we see it in a rap video?

As a refresh, the Gembala is a tuning company which is based in Leonberg, near Stuttgart, in Germany, founded back in 1981 by Uwe Gemballa. The company is mostly known for providing aftermarket parts mainly for Porsche. The Gemballa factory was seized by the local authorities in May 2010 after Uwe Gemballa had disappeared. He was found dead later and CEO Andreas Schwarz and investor Steffen Korback have reopened it in August, the same year.


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