General Holiefield, UAW vice-president, to step down image

UAW Vice President General Holiefield will step down in June, when union members will choose his successor, the union announced yesterday, ending a period of speculation among Chrysler workers about their future leadership.

Questions about Holiefield’s future have been swirling for weeks after the abrupt retirement of one of his top aides, James Hardy. UAW President Bob King said publicly last month that Holiefield had not left the union and that he was still vice president of the Chrysler department.

“I leave with cherished memories of more than 40 years as a member and leader of this great union,” 60-year-old Holiefield said in a statement. “My goal has always been to lift people out of poverty and to give them a better standard of living.”

The union announced Holiefield’s decision not to seek a third term. The decision comes as the UAW’s Reuther Caucus prepares to disclose nominees for the top leadership positions. The chosen slate of candidates will run for election at the union’s Constitutional Convention in June. The slate will include nominees to succeed King, and four vice presidents and a secretary treasurer.