General Motors’ chief Mary Barra takes it social, joins Facebook image

The chief executive officer of the largest US automaker and the third biggest in the world is going where almost all others have already gone before – the now ubiquitous Facebook.

She has just initiated her own where she has been identified as a “public figure” – perhaps in an attempt to deliver a less intimidating title than chief executive of one of the most powerful automakers in the world.

“Hello, Facebook!” commented Barra. “After a conversation with Sheryl Sandberg at Facebook HQ last week, I decided it was time to create a page. I look forward to sharing photos, updates and stories with you.”

Facebook’s own Chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg told his audience just last week the social media network is being used by one billion persons on a single day basis – the first ever and meaning one in every seven people on Earth had been using Facebook that day. So, we’re seeing Barra aligning herself to the trend, in a bid to deliver the inspiration about individual responsibility she has been establishing within her company.

Also, this could serve as encouragement for the GM employees to report issues when they see things going wrong and address the problems directly, rather than passing them on in the idea of them turning into someone else’s task. This is a direct follow up to the massive scandal regarding the ignition switch crisis last year, where GM employees knew about the fatal problem and allowed it to remain unresolved for years.

She also took a lighter tone on her newly created page – delivering a pic with her “beast”, the all-black Chevy Corvette she had at hand while driving in the Woodward Dream Cruise this year, the annual Detroit event.