Still grappling with its safety-related crisis, the No. 1 US automaker continues its long chain of recall actions, the latest concerning recent-model Chevrolet Camaros and Buick Regals.

The automaker has exceeded all records when it comes to recalls – as the tally now stands at 25.5 million units in the US alone, with 28.8 million for North America. If you need to make a comparison, we can tell you the projections for the new car sales for 2014 range from 16.1 to 16.7 million cars.

“These recalls signify how we’ve enhanced our approach to safety,” Jeff Boyer, GM’s vice president of global vehicle safety, said in a recent statement. “We are bringing greater rigor and discipline to our analysis and decision making. If we identify an issue – large or small – that might affect the safety of our customers, we will act decisively.”

One can argue that the recall spree has two major directions – now is the best time to buy a GM vehicle because the scrutiny is so intense there should be no problem from now on, or you should stay away from them because the huge recall tally signals equally massive internal problems. So far, US buyers seem to have adopted the first idea, as the automaker is forecasted to report increased profit from sales for its second-quarter.

Via Bloomberg


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