General Motors hopes to avoid pick-up recall image

The biggest US automaker hopes to avoid issuing a recall that would affect approximately 200, 000 pick-ups, saying the NHTSA should declare an electronic problem “inconsequential” to safety.

General Motors has an electronic glitch that can potentially cause the instrument panel lights to flicker or malfunction lights to briefly go on while the driver uses the steering wheel controls – a problem that is common to more than 200,000 new Chevrolet and GMC full-size pick-ups.

The NHTSA posted on its website a petition filed last fall by GM, in which the automaker said it knows only of two incidents, both in test fleet vehicles and is “extremely unlikely to occur”, has little importance to the operation of the vehicle and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration should dismiss a recall because it’s “inconsequential to motor vehicle safety”.

200,921 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra pick-ups, model year 2014 would be affected by a recall, while General Motors fixed the issue on vehicles produced since October 2013. The automaker also said it was unaware of any consumer complaints to NHTSA and that no warranty claims were made on the matter.

Via Reuters