General Motors introducing first front center airbag image

Driving isn’t what it used to be for quite some time and that’s not good but soon accidents won’t be what they used to be and that is actually good. We are used to Mercedes implementing new technologies on its luxurious S-Class and all other major automakers “stealing” them a few years after but this news is about GM.

The Detroit automotive giant has announced that it will introduce the industry’s first front center airbag which is designed to protect both front passenger and driver from a severe impact. According to General Motors, the first vehicles that will be implemented with the extra airbag will be the Buick Enclave, the GMC Acadia and the Chevrolet Traverse midsize crossovers in the 2013 year model, meaning that we will see the new technology on the streets starting from next year.

“The front center airbag is not required by federal regulation, and no other airbag in passenger vehicles today offers the type of restraint and cushioning this airbag is designed to provide for front occupants”, said the senior engineer in GM’s advanced restraint systems, Scott Thomas.

The 2012 model year editions of the midsize crossovers that will receive the new front center airbag have been awarded with five stars by the NHTSA’s New Car Assessment Program and 2011 Top Safety Picks from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety so we are wondering when will the number of stars increase or when will the main rules change.

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