General Motors invest $90 million in Canadian plant image

General Motors Canada will invest $90 million in its joint-venture facility in southwestern Ontario, resulting in the recall of about 150 laid-off employees.

The project involves re-tooling CAMI Automotive’s West Body Shop and other renovations that will boost production by about 40,000 vehicles for the U.S. and Canadian markets and require the recall of about 150 employees.

“This investment is an excellent example of what happens when you get the product right. If the product is right, everything else follows – increased production, increased employment and strong market demand,” said GM Canada president Arturo Elias.

The move comes a month after CAMI, located in Ingersoll, Ontario, reinstated a third shift and brought back more than 300 laid off workers.

GM Canada employs about 9,000 people at various plants in southern Ontario, including CAMI, an assembly plant in Oshawa, a transmission factory in Windsor, and an engine plant in St. Catharines. The Windsor engine plant will close next year.

When General Motors (NYSE:GM) announced its restructuring plan when it filed for bankruptcy protection in the U.S. last spring, it said it would spend $2.2 billion on capital and $1 billion on research and development between now and 2016 in Canada.

Source: The Canadian Press