General Motors stock Symbol image

For those who seek Gm Shares, the new General Motors stock symbol is GM. (NYSE: GM / OTCBB: GMGMQ ) . This is the new stock symbol for new General Motors. The new stock symbol is important because, today, General Motors start trading on the NY Stock exchange on IPO day.
The initial public offering has set records, which analysts expect GM to raise around $23 billion that could be marked as the largest IPO in the world.

GM sold nearly 478 million shares Wednesday at $ 33 each, a price higher than the company and its bankers thought possible a few days ago.
GM CEO Daniel Akerson, who rang the opening bell signaling the start of the trading day at the exchange, bought the first 100 shares available. The ceremonial ringing of the bell was followed by the sound of a 2011 Camaro SS engine, revving.
Ten minutes before the official market opening, more than 100 brokers and traders on the trading floor screamed for recognition, in attempts to buy GM shares.

photo credit: Reuters

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