The British based automaker and the aftermarket specialists at Carrozeria Touring Superleggera have recently presented to the public the Continental Flying Star at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show.

As you can see from the images posted below this article, the Bentley Continental Flying Star is basically a Touring version of the Continental and even if its design has been “drawn” by Carrozeria Touring Superleggera, this might actually hit the production line. But the collaboration between Bentley and Superleggera is going to a whole new level and after this model has been made after an order came from a customer, 20 other units of the Continental Flying Star will be available, in an effort to “test” the market.

Bentley says that the order for this strange model came back in 2008 for a special customer and the project involved modifying the A-pillar, the extension of the roof, longer doors and a new rear end, with the exterior elements of the doors being made from aluminum and the tailgate being electrically operated. The Bentley Continental Flying Star has been made in the company’s spirit and the model respects the tradition and design language of the manufacturer. The Continental Flying Star is able to transport four golf bags in the trunk and with only 20 units available, each of them will cost 804,000 USD.


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