At the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, beside other models, the German automaker has unveiled its entire range of 3 Series – the world’s best-selling premium vehicle.

It’s popular (typically selling 90,000-100,000 units annually in the U.S.), and everyone wants to be like it (Cadillac is only the most recent example, boldly pitting its upcoming ATS sedan against the 3 Series in advertisements). And so it has always been – it became the symbol for ‘success on the rise’.

So how it’s the new 3 Series? It is better than the old one? Yes. The car looks impressive; the quality of the materials is impressive. There’s nothing ‘cheap’ in this car – the finish and the quality feel to the leathers, plastics and tactile surfaces is simply first class.

The vehicle is a little bit larger compared to the old one – enough to be a comfortable sedan both for both front and rear adult passengers.

Its width is up nearly two inches; the wheelbase is also stretched by about two inches; and the overall length has grown 3.6 inches.

The Auto Start-Stop function comes as standard with all engine-gearbox combinations. Talking about transmissions, BMW is the first carmaker to offer eight-speed automatic gearbox in this class.

On sale now, the 2012 sedans come only with rear-wheel drive. Fall 2012 will see the addition of all-wheel-drive versions, with the “xi” suffix, along with the first-ever hybrid 3 Series, the ActiveHybrid3 sedan.


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