Geneva could feature the introduction of the hardcore Porsche 911 R image

The German carmaker has announced a yet to be revealed special edition model that will feature a worldwide premiere during the 2016 Geneva Motor Show.

Porsche has been mum on specifics, commenting it has a “strictly limited-edition vehicle” for the 86th edition of the Swiss event. We can eliminate what we know and don’t know and assume the identity of the undisclosed special edition model is most likely the 911 R. The model has been rumored to be a very pure rendering of the iconic sports car, also used to mark the 50th anniversary of the original 911 R. The model has been caught out in the open testing and rumors put it as an evolution of the GT3, but with an active spoiler instead of the fixed rear wing. Aerodynamic modifications will also include a different front aero splitter and a reworked rear diffuser, together with unique 21-inch wheels and an optional Clubsport package.

Motivation should be provided by the GT3’s 475-hp naturally-aspirated 3.8-liter flat-six engine. For the 911 R Porsche is allegedly mating the engine to a six-speed manual transmission instead of the PDK used in the GT3. Just 600 units will go down the production line and we’re safely assuming Porsche already has clients for each one of them – even though the 911 R will start at a cool $160,000, which is a steep $30,000 above the price tag of the regular 911 GT3. All mysteries will be resolved come March 1 when the Geneva Motor Show kicks off, with Porsche also presenting the facelifted 718 Boxster.