Geneva International Motor Show: lightweight supercars are all the rage image

Automakers seem to have perfected the ideal recipe to deliver the supercar of our dreams: hyperfast and ultra efficient. The desiderates are achieved through the intelligent use of lightweighting procedures.

We might just as well treat 2015 as the year of the supercar (after 2014 was sadly the year of the recall). Ford in January at NAIAS unveiled the blazing fast and ultra lightweight Ford GT. And it was just the start. Now in Geneva Aston Martin brought the 800-hp, track only Vulcan, worth $2.3 million. Mercedes pushed the envelope with another racecar – the AMG GT3. Ferrari brought the turbocharged and more efficient $223, 000 488GTB and Lamborghini struck our “dark” chord with the latest LP 750-4 Superveloce – the Aventador SV. Bentley came up with an unexpected surprise – the very sleek and sexy EXP 10 Speed 6 Concept coupe and McLaren brought the devilish 666hp 675LT supercar. Let’s not forget Audi’s new generation R8, the Porsche 911 GT3 RS or the Swedish screaming banshees – the Koenigsegg 1,500 hp+ Regera and out of the world Agera RS.

While all the stable mate of Geneva supercars would make even James Bond drool over, the automakers have departed from their previous years quest of power at all cost. They have attained once more incredible levels of power – but they balanced all that with lightweight efficiency. “Get the luxury but keep the weight down,” said Christian von Koenigsegg about the company’s new Regera. And all other auto executives presenting their own sports or supercars took the time to laud the records in the power-to-weight ratio category.

Via Bloomberg