Geneva Motor Show LIVE: ABT Sportsline tunes the new VW Golf GTI image

While Volkswagen displays in Geneva the latest iteration of its iconic hot-hatch, the Golf GTI, ABT Sportsline has already come up with an upgraded version.

It is called the ABT Golf GTI and has 270 horsepower, 50 horsepower more than the standard car. ABT Sportsline engineers have managed to obtain the extra power from the same 2.0-liter TFSI engine, and they are preparing an even more potent stage of expansion, that will give the ABT Golf GTI 310 horsepower.

On top of that, ABT Sportsline will also offer a power variant based upon the 230 hp Golf GTI Performance. The ABT Golf GTI is modified on the outside as well. The redesigned front spoiler and front grille make ABT’s GTI look more menacing, with eye brows aimed to create the same effect.

Mirror caps and side skirts form a connection with the rear, which, in turn, with its rear skirt insert and trunk lid attachment mirrors the aggressiveness of the front. The four-pipe exhaust system is a typical ABT design element.

The ABT programme for the VW Golf VII GTI is completed by suspension springs that lower the center of gravity and even increase the serial version’s roadholding capacities. ABT Sportsline also offers two models of sport-type wheels, DR and ER-C alloy wheels. Both are available in 18 and 19 inches and have an aggressive silverbullet look.

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