Geneva Motor Show LIVE: BMW i3 Concept Coupe image

The BMW i3 Concept Coupe celebrates its European premiere in Geneva, and is the latest showcar that previews the i3 production model that will launch later this year.

Built around BMW eDrive technology, the i3 Concept Coupe has a range of between 130 and 160 kilometres (80 to 100 miles) in day-to-day operation. This also allows it to cope comfortably with short out-of-town journeys.

The drive system and all other vehicle functions in the BMW i3 are powered by a specially developed high-voltage lithium-ion battery. One of the hallmarks of this battery is that its energy output, and thus the range of the vehicle, is less affected by fluctuations in temperature than is typical of such batteries today. This is due to an intelligent heating/cooling system which always keeps the battery at an optimal operating temperature. This improves the everyday practicality, stable performance and life expectancy of the battery.

The cabin heating operates on the heat pump principle, which results in 30 percent energy savings in city driving compared with a conventional electrical heating system, while the internal and external lighting uses energy-saving LEDs. Together, these two measures make a significant contribution to “range security” in the BMW i3.

The BMW i3 will also be the world’s first electric vehicle to feature full connectivity and will consequently be equipped with innovative BMW i ConnectedDrive services catering specifically to the needs of electric mobility. The BMW i3 can also be supplied with an optional range extender, which increases the driving range to approximately 300 kilometres (186 miles).

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