Geneva Motor Show LIVE: Land Rover Defender All-Terrain Electric image

Jaguar Land Rover has pulled the wraps off the greenest version of the Defender yet, the so-called Defender All-Terrain Electric, during the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, in a world premiere.

The Land Rover Defender is probably one of the best off-road vehicles in the road and this means that it’s mostly chosen by nature lovers. But those nature lovers will soon get the chance of ordering the greenest version of the Defender ever made, an electric one, which should offer them enough range in order to explore all kind of terrains. But once that battery will be empty, you will probably ask Santa Claus for a plug which might grow out of a tree.

So with the Land Rover Defender going all-green and becoming a tree hugger with the new generation, the company had to start somewhere. And that “somewhere” is named the Land Rover Defender All-Terrain Electric, which is basically an electric concept version of the Defender. The model is currently being tested by the British based automaker, but if all goes well, we might see it into production once the new generation of the Defender will hit the market.

“This project is acting as a rolling laboratory for Land Rover to assess electric vehicles, even in the most arduous all-terrain conditions. It gives us a chance to evolve and test some of the technologies that may one day be introduced into future Land Rover models”, said Antony Harper, the Land Rover head of research.

The Land Rover Defender All-Terrain Electric has dropped the diesel engine and transmission for an electric motor, which is currently generating 70 kW (94 HP) and it has a peak torque of 221 lb-ft. The battery s promising a 50-mile range with moderate driving, so you will probably run out of juice before getting ready to leave the main road and do some exploring. Land Rover didn’t announce any more details on the Defender All-Terrain Electric just yet, so all we have is the photo gallery posted below, for the moment.