Geneva Motor Show LIVE: Nissan Qashqai Premium concept image

Nissan has used the 2016 edition of the Geneva Motor Show to present a duo of customized SUVs/crossovers – the X-Trail and Qashqai Premium concepts.

The models have been labeled as prototypes but we’re not going to be surprised if we see them in the near future looking exactly like the concepts and reaching the showrooms as new trim/ level options. The Qashqai Premium Concept is being used to showcase the popularity of the model in Europe – we can remember that Nissan is one of the first automakers to catch the crossover craze: they axed their regular compact offering (Almera) and instead only allowed the Qashqai, the sales exploded and the rest is history. And they did again a few years later when they presented the quirky Juke. Anyways, the Qashqai Premium Concept is based off the current generation model and comes to show how easy the model can be customized.

Nissan Qashqai Concept Geneva 2016 03

The Qashqai Premium Concept targets the “Premium Urbanite”, meaning it has a mostly urban customer base in mind. It comes to the Swiss show with a predominantly matte black hue combined with striking golden copper accents on the wheel arches, around the window line, on the roof rails, and in the headlight clusters. Some parts of the body have been equipped with real carbon fiber while the 20-inch alloy wheels have a machined finish. The interior features soft white Nappa leather upholstery that also got a quilted finish on the central area of the seat’s base and back. The cabin moves upscale featuring a combination of carbon fiber, black satin chrome, and liquid gloss black accents.