Geneva Motor Show LIVE: Pininfarina H2 Speed image

The Pininfarina design house is a regular appearance during the Geneva Motor Show, which in itself has a tradition of being home to the exotic manufacturers, and for this year’s edition the styling gurus have come up with the H2 Speed concept.

This vehicle is the result of a collaboration between Pininfarina and GreenGT, with the unleashed H2 Speed concept envisioned as a hydrogen-powered race car. If you have any basic knowledge of chemistry you may have already figured the latter part – “H2” is the chemical element depiction of hydrogen gas and anyone putting Speed into the moniker of a vehicle usually means motorsport or record grade business. It so turns out this time around we’re treated to a hydrogen powered car with high-performance and exclusive use on the racing circuits.

Pininfarina's H2 Speed Geneva 2016 09

It remains to be seen if it will ever transition to actually perform on the track (probably not) but we can still admire the stylish bodywork. The design house says it’s actually the result of intensive testing to make sure aerodynamic efficiency is at its highest level while the superior performance would attract the attention to the fact it will only emit water vapor. Pininfarina says it has been inspired by classic racers but with a futuristic twist – delivering a model that should be sitting smack in the middle between competition prototype and a production supercar.

Pininfarina's H2 Speed Geneva 2016 03

GreenGT was naturally responsible for developing the powertrain which consists of a couple of race-spec electric motors working with a lightweight fuel cell and a brake energy recuperation system. This company has been researching and developing alternative propulsion systems since 2008 and claims the H2 Speed’s compressor technology will lend a bespoke soundtrack compared to other electric cars. They also said they have the most powerful electric-hydrogen fuel cell powertrain group – though no figures have actually been advanced.