Geneva Motor Show LIVE: Pininfarina Sergio Concept image

The famous Italian car design company Pininfarina has recently pulled the wraps off the Sergio Concept, in a world premiere, during the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.

The Pininfarina Sergio Concept has already been teased for the first time just a few weeks ago and with only a day before the 2013 Geneva Motor Show has opened its gates, the model is being placed into the spotlights probably one last time, with the Italian car design company pulling the wraps off its body. The Pininfarina Sergio Concept has red and black body panels, wide wheels arches, a menacing front and and impressive overall design.

“This is a oncept car which renews the spirit of the extraordinary achievements born under Sergio Pininfarina’s guide, projecting them towards the future in the name of exclusivity, innovation and passion. Sportsmanship in the truest sense, joy of driving, passion of those who think at the car as an excellent source of emotions, pleasure of admiring the unique forms of a custom-designed model by Pininfarina”, as Pininfarina says in its official press release.

Unfortunately Pininfarina didn’t announce any more details on the Sergio Concept for the moment but chances are that we will probably see the model in other automotive events this year, just like we have seen the Pininfarina Cambiano Concept back in 2012.