Geneva Motor Show LIVE: Tesla Model X image

The second model in the Tesla production roster might turn out to be more important than the Model S sedan was back in the day when it launched – since the X bodes well with the current trend of higher sales for crossovers and SUVs.

The production series Model X full size electric crossover has finally received its European premiere – and it’s been a rather long and perilous journey. You may remember the first time a prototype was introduced was in February 2012. And the model only got its official worldwide introduction late September last year after numerous setbacks. Anyways the Model X is here to stay and time will tell if the crossover form factor will be enough to entice fans and affluent buyers that have been snatching lots of SUVs and pickup trucks to take advantage of the very cheap gasoline.

Tesla Model X Geneva 2016 01


It might be different in Europe though, as the customers on the Old Continent don’t enjoy the same low gasoline prices as those in the US, meaning the potential is great here as well. And if people might be not be persuaded to go for the flagship P90D model which in the States kicks off at a hefty $132, 000 – even though it comes with an EPA rating of 90 MPGe city / 94 MPGe highway and 92 MPGe combined for a range of 257 miles (413 km) – they might be more inclined to opt for the cheaper 90D and 70D editions. The latter will have a 70 kWh battery pack and a range of up to 220 miles (354 km), starting in North America at $80,000.