Geneva Motor Show: Power Plaza Yebbujana R2 image

Now that the ongoing Geneva Motor Show has opened its doors to the wide audience, and all the prime novelties have been dealt with, we have time for the little guys.

One thing is for sure, the Swiss event again lived up to its reputation as a home for all the exotic manufacturers of the world. Take South Korea’s Power Plaza for example, which has traveled all the way to the Geneva show to reveal its new Yebbujana R2. This prototype is a pre-production model that will preview an upcoming production series model, with the Yebbujana R2 coming as a very compact convertible (it reminds us of older Datsun models) that uses high-tech parts and components, including a lightweight carbon fiber monocoque chassis. While the exterior design will not represent anyone’s cup cake, Power Plaza claims the model is actually inspired by the “curves of a dynamic dolphin” and the back actually “embodies a smooth and exquisite look.” This is where a “laughing out loud” emoji would be present.

The interior is really sparse and prospective buyers will only find a three-spoke steering wheel and Bride sport seats, a digital instrument cluster, an infotainment system, and two displays that show video feeds from the mirror-mounted cameras. What’s interesting is that in spite of the minuscule dimensions, the Yebbujana R2 actually packs a massive 81 kilowatt hour lithium-ion battery. It delivers all the power to an electric motor delivering 107 horsepower, connected to a five-speed manual transmission and able to reach 62 miles per hour in four seconds and a maximum speed of 123 mph. The range is also spectacular – 475 miles on a single charge – though calculated at an assumed constant speed of 37 mph.